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Services Provided

General Intellectual Property Services
The firm focuses on helping clients to understand their products in the context of "intellectual property" and then to identify and secure the proper balance of intellectual property protection that is available under the existing law. Counseling and assistance are provided in patent, trademark, service mark, trade dress, copyright, computer, Internet, e-commerce, and technology law. We invite you to visit the links below for more information on the following topics and then to call us so that we may help you with your specific needs.

Technical Areas of Expertise
The following are representative of the many fields of technology in which we offer intellectual property services:

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  • Software/Internet/Business Methods
  • Computers
  • Signal Processing
  • Wave Propagation

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  • Electronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Nanotechnologies

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  • Medical
  • Mechanical/Electromechanical
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