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About Us
About Us

Quality and attention to detail are hallmarks of PELOQUIN, PLLC. The firm handles all aspects of acquiring intellectual property rights in patents, both domestic and foreign; trademarks; copyrights; and trade secrets including licensing and litigation. We take the time to understand your inventions and products. Only then is it possible to craft durable legal solutions to protect your rights to the maximum extent possible under the law. For example, in a patent claim, the difference between broad claim scope and narrow claim scope can rest with the choice of a single word. Care is required to ensure that the patent will be useful if asserted against a potential infringer, thereby providing the maximum commercial value to the patent owner.

Maximum value is provided to clients with the delivery of high-caliber professional legal services in a timely and cost effective manner. We respond promptly to your questions. Call us today to discuss your particular needs and ask us how and why we can save you money on your intellectual property legal services.

In Today's Market
Increasing profits has proved difficult in the present economy for many companies. The value of a patent portfolio can lie dormant and not be fully realized. Aggressive licensing can provide a tangible return on your intellectual property investment and improve your bottom line. PELOQUIN, PLLC, focuses on creating wealth for clients by intelligently developing a client's intellectual property assets and then exploiting those assets to attain their maximum commercial value. We can help turn your intellectual property into a valuable income stream, through licensing, to directly increase your company's profits.

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