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Patent Services for Foreign Companies
Patent Services for Foreign Companies

Service is Provided to File and Prosecute Your Patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office
We provide patent prosecution services for companies based outside the United States in the ways described below or we can create a program customized to your specific needs.

Existing Patent Applications
Often, you might already have patent applications that have been prepared for filing within your country of origin, e.g., Japan, Germany, France, etc. We can adapt your existing patent applications to conform to United States law and then file and prosecute the applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. United States patent law differs from the patent laws of other countries in significant ways. It is therefore prudent to have a foreign patent application adapted to conform to the patent laws and practice of the United States. Failure to conform the foreign patent application to the laws and practice of the United States can result in a United States patent issuing with limited claim scope. Such a patent might be found invalid during a litigation in a United States court or the patent might have such limited claim scope that the patent would not be worth asserting against a potential infringer. You will find our fee structure to be extremely competitive for this service; please call us to discuss your specific needs.

New Patent Applications
We can interview your inventors either in person or remotely using telecommunications, prepare, file, and prosecute your patent applications in the United States Patent and Trademark office.

We Provide A Patent Watch Service
We can provide you with continuous feedback regarding published patent applications and issued patents that are of specific interest to your business objectives.

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