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Patent Services
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Patent Portfolio Strategy
We provide assistance to enable a client to achieve the maximum commercial value possible from their intellectual property commensurate with their particular business area. This assistance can take the form of offensive patent prosecution, licensing, and integration of the other forms of intellectual property protection that are available such as copyright and trade secret protection, see Combining Patent, Copyright, and Trade Secret Protection.

Patentability Opinions & Patent Searches
Before proceeding to obtain a patent, a patentability opinion can be helpful in gauging the prospects of obtaining patent protection for a particular invention. Patent and technical literature searches are performed and studied to render the requisite opinion.

Owning an issued patent does not always equate with the right to make, use or market a product. We assist clients in achieving their business objectives by analyzing third party patents that could be an obstacle to commercial development of a product or service. When necessary, we can create solutions to provide "freedom-to-use/operate," such as offensive patent prosecution, licensing agreements, and product redesign.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution
Full patent preparation and prosecution services are provided to obtain patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as in foreign jurisdictions.

In-House Programs
We provide inventor recognition and educational programs, and intellectual property policies such as patent disclosure flow/evaluation/handling services to help streamline your internal procedures.

Patent Licensing
Preventing others from making, using or selling your patented product is the right that comes with the patent grant. However, lucrative revenue streams can be created by licensing those rights to willing parties. Interestingly, a party can become a willing party if the party is a potential infringer. Investigative background research on a competitor's products can prove invaluable in a license negotiation with the competitor (potential infringer) when the competitor is transformed into a willing licensee by the news of the potentially infringing product.

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